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A Assist, Attendance
AB At-bat
AD Automatic double, sometimes called a Ground Rule Double.
AVG Average
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B Bunt
BA Batting average
BB Base on Balls
BF Batters Faced
BK Balk
BL Bats Left
BP Batting Practice
BS Blown Save
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C Catcher
CERA Catcher's Earned Run Average
CF Center Field
CG Complete Game
CS Caught Stealing
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D Defense, Double
DP Double Play
DH Designate Hitter, Doubleheader
DL Disabled List
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E Error
ER Earned Run
ERA Earned Run Average
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F Fly, Flyout
FC Fielder's Choice
FO Foul Out, Force Out
FP Fielding Percentage
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G Game
GDP/GIDP Ground into Double Play
GF Games Finished
GRD Ground Rule Double.
GS Games Started, Grand Slam
GWRBI Game Winning Run Batted In
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H Hit, Hold
HB Hit Batter
HBP Hit by Pitch, Hit by Pitcher
HP Hit by Pitch
HR Home Run
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I Interference
IF Infield, Infielder, Infield Fly
IP Innings Pitched
IW Intentional Walk
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K Strikeout
Strikeout, called
KC Strikeout, called
KS Strikeout, swinging
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L Line Drive, Loss, Losing Pitcher
LHB Left-handed Batter
LHP Left-handed Pitcher
LO Left On
LOB Left on Base
LP Losing Pitcher
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NP Number of Pitches
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O Ovation
OBA On-Base Average
OBP On-Base Percentage
obs Obstruction
OF Outfield, Outfielder
OS Official Scorer
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PA Plate Appearance
PB Passed Ball
PH Pinch Hitter
PO Putout
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QS Quality Start
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R Run(s)
RBI Run(s) Batted In
RHB Right-Handed Batter
RHP Right-Handed Pitcher
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S Sacrifice, Successful Steal of a Base, Save
SA Slugging Average
sac Sacrifice
SB Stolen Base
SF Sacrifice Fly
SH Sacrifice Hit, Sacrifice Bunt
ShO Shutout
SO Strikeout, Shutout
SP Starting Pitcher
SS Split Squad, Shortstop
SV Save
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T Triple, Amount of time to play game
TA Total Average
TB Total Bases
TBF Total Batters Faced
TC Total Chances
TL Throws Left
TP Triple Play
TR Throws Right
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U Unassisted Putout
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W Walk, Win, Winning Pitcher
WP Wild Pitch, Winning Pitcher
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x Symbol used in the standings to indicate a team that has clinched the division title.  Also used by a scorer to indicate something extraordinary.
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y Symbol used in the standings to indicate a team that has earned a playoff spot.  After all division titles are determined, it indicates the wild card team.
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z Symbol used in the standings to indicate a team that is mathematically eliminated.
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1 Pitcher
1B First Base, First Baseman, Single
2 Catcher
2B Second Base, Second Baseman, Double
3 First Baseman
3B Third Base, Third Baseman, Triple
4 Second Baseman
5 Third Baseman
6 Shortstop
7 Left Fielder
8 Center Fielder
9 Right Fielder
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