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gilmer baseball association
bylaws and local league rules
enacted fall 2007
amended february 2018

gilmer baseball association
bylaws and local league rules
enacted fall 2007
amended february 2018

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article iname
article iiobjective
article iiimembers and membership
article ivmeetings of members and directors
article vboard of directors
article vielections
article viiindemnification
article viiiconduct and discipline
article ixleagues and rules
article xregistration
article xidrafting rules and procedures
article xiiplaying rules
article xiiiall-stars and selection
article xivmiscellaneous
article xvequipment
article xvimanagers, coaches and umpires
article xviiterms and definitions
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 1.1. this organization shall be known as the gilmer baseball association. it is a not for profit texas corporation.
 1.2. the registered office of the corporation shall be at p.o. box 965, gilmer, texas 75644, and the name of the registered agent of the corporation at such address is treasurer.
 1.3. the corporation may also have offices at such other places as the board of directors may, from time to time, determine or the business of the corporation may require.
 1.4. as necessary the bod shall take the necessary action to change article 1.2 with the state of texas.
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 2.1. the association seeks to promote the game of baseball, team sportsmanship, develop character, through competitive community play of association teams and promote the ideals of god and americanism among the youth of the gilmer area.
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 3.1. membership in this organization shall be open to all persons, age eighteen or above, who sincerely desire to further its objectives as expressed by these by-laws. members shall consist of parents/guardians and those involved in or with gba. members shall be held to the bylaws and rules of gba and associated rules of play.
 3.2. members of the bod and only those designated as such by the bod, shall be voting members. no other members shall have the power to vote. a voting member may designate any adult to vote in his/her place with the exception of the annual meeting. the missing voting member must register the substitute with the secretary before voting.
 3.3. members of this organization shall be either voting or non-voting members.
 3.4. the founding, supporting and initial members of the gba are the communities of gilmer and its surrounding areas that play baseball with gba.
 3.5.voting and non voting members approval
 3.5.1. members may be subject to screening by the bod. approved applications may be forwarded for a criminal history investigation. approved applicants will be voted on by the board of directors for final approval after any review.
 3.5.2. any applicant turned down by the screening committee has the right to one (1) appeal, in person, before the board of directors. any applicant turned down because of a background check also has the right to one (1) appeal, in person, before the bod. the results of any criminal history check will be openly discussed in this hearing, if applicable.
 3.6.member duties
 3.6.1. each member shall be responsible for the procurement of his/her association's funds, and will support the association's fund raising efforts.
 3.6.2. each member shall be responsible for their representation in the gba.
 3.6.3. any member, who does not fulfill his /her duties as such, is subject to review and removal from membership by the bod.
 3.7.disciplinary action against members
 3.7.1. a members' disciplinary review commission shall consist of two (2) groups:
 a. a leagues commission of five members of the bod concerning itself with matters involving managers, coaches, assistant coaches and parents.
 b. a board of directors commission of five members of the bod concerning itself with matters involving members.
 3.7.2. each of the two groups shall:
 a. be chaired by the vice president who will vote only in the case of ties.
 b. consist of a commissioner from at least three (3) leagues for matters involving managers, coaches, and assistant coaches.
 c. consist of two members from the gba board of directors for matters involving members as appointed by the vice president.
 3.7.3. managers, coaches, assistant coaches and members may be brought before a disciplinary review commissions by the respective league commissioner who must act upon the receipt of written complaint from one of the associations members concerning by-laws or rules violation within 72 hours. the commission shall not accept unsigned or anonymous complaints. persons signing complaints must be willing to appear before the commission. member may be present at any question and review to present their case.
 3.7.4. decisions of the commission may be appealed in writing within forty eight (48) hours to the bod who will call a meeting of the board within (10) days. the decision of the board of directors shall be final.
 3.7.5. members of the commission who become subjects of the commission will abstain from its membership during the commission's consideration of that case, but may be present at any question and review to present their case.
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 4.1. the "roberts rules of order, revised" shall be the parliamentary authority for matters of procedure not specifically covered by these by-laws.
 4.2. four regular meetings of the members shall be held each year, beginning in august or september (as announced) with the annual election meeting.
 4.3. regular meetings of the bod may be held at such time and place as shall, from time to time, be determined by the board, without the necessity of notice to the membership.
 4.4. special meetings of members, for any purpose or purposes unless otherwise prescribed by statutes, the articles of incorporation, or by these by-laws, may be called by the president, the bod, or not less than one-third of all members of the association entitled to vote at the meeting. the business to be transacted and the purpose of any special meeting must be specified in the notice or waiver of notice, except where expressly provided for by statute, the articles of incorporation or by these articles of incorporation or by these by-laws.
 4.5. special meetings of the bod may be called by the president from time to time. such special meetings must be called by the president: however, any two (2) directors may call a special meeting of the bod with two (2) days notice by verbal or written request to the president or, in his/her absence, the vice president.
 4.6. an annual election meeting of the members shall be held each year during august or september at a time and place selected by the members of the board of directors. at the annual meeting the voting members shall the annual meeting the voting members shall elect members of the bod of the association who will become the new members of the bod effective at the conclusion of the annual election meeting. a complete list of the members entitled to vote shall be available at the annual election meeting. this list shall be produced and kept open at the time and place of the meeting, during the whole time therefore, and shall be subject to the inspection of any member who may be present.
 4.7. written, verbal or electronic notice may be given to the members entitled to vote at the meeting stating the date, time and place of the annual election meeting or of a special meeting before the date of the meeting.
 4.8. at any regular or properly called meeting, the vote of the majority of the members present having voting power shall decide any questions brought before such meeting unless the question is one upon which, by express provision of the statutes, the articles of incorporation or by these by-laws, a different vote is required; in which case such express provision shall govern and control the decision of such question. the voting members present at a duly organized meeting may continue to transact business until adjournment.
 4.9. any meeting of the members for the election of the bod shall be held in the confines of the gilmer area. meetings of members for any other purpose may be held at such time and place as shall be stated in the notice of the meeting or in a duly executed waiver of notice thereof.
 4.10. any member of the bod who is absent from two (2) consecutive meetings of the bod, without justifiable cause, may be subject to dismissal by the bod.
 4.11. at all meetings of the bod, the presence of a majority of the directors shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. the act of a majority of the directors present at any meeting shall be the act of the bod except as may be otherwise specifically provided by statute, the articles of incorporation or by these by-laws. if a quorum is not present at any meeting of the bod, the directors present shall adjourn the meeting without notice, other than an announcement at the meeting, until a quorum shall be present or; (see 4.12)
 4.12. if a normal quorum of a majority of the directors does not exist as of 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of an announced meeting, the president or vice-president may declare a "vital business quorum" under the following conditions:
 a. presence of the president or vice-president and any other two board of directors and
 b. presence of at least three other voting members and
 c. a vital business quorum cannot effect a bylaw change.
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 5.1. directors of the gba bod will be members and representatives as defined in paragraph 5.7.
 5.2. the business and affairs of the corporation shall be managed by the bod, who may exercise all such powers of the corporation and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by statute, the articles of incorporation or by these by-laws directed or required to be exercised or done by the members.
 5.3. any member of the bod may be removed, with cause (following rules of 3.7), at any special meeting of the members by the affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members at such meeting and entitled to vote for the election of such board member, if notice of the intentions to act upon such matter shall have been given in the notice calling for such meeting. if any vacancies occur on the bod for any reason, a majority of the bod then in office may choose a successor, or a successor will be chosen at special meeting of the members called for that purpose. each successor director so chosen shall be elected for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor in office.
 5.4. the number of directors may be increased, from time to time, by vote of the bod. any directorship to be filled by reason of an increase in the number of board directors may be filled by either a vote of the bod or at a special meeting of members called for that purpose.
 5.5. any member of the bod may resign by giving written notice to the president or secretary. such resignation shall take effect at the time specified therein, or immediately if no time is specified therein. the acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.
 5.6. every gba member or the bod may be required to participate in a background investigation for screening purposes.
 5.7.the board of directors shall consist of the following:
b. vice president
   f.commissioner of each league
   g.director of umpires
   h.member at large
   note: any number of members at large may be elected by the bod for each term.
   note: director of umpires and co-treasurer are voting members.
 5.8.the duties of the directors shall be as follows:
   a.to preside over all meetings;
   b.to appoint committees;
   c.to break any tie vote resulting from any voting decision;
   d.to countersign orders and checks when needed;
   e.to call special meetings as needed;
   f.to be the chief executive officer of the corporation;
   g.to inform new board members of their duties and obligations to the association;
   h.to present reports and conduct the annual meeting.
   i.to perform such other duties as the bod shall prescribe.
  5.8.2.vice president
   a.to preside over all meetings in the absence of the president
   b.to assume the duties of any vacant directorship until the vacant office is filled;
   c.to coordinate with association and local municipal officials for use of playing fields;
   d.to perform duties as assigned by the president.
   a.to receive and collect all funds;
   b.to dispense all bills and charges, under the direction of the bod;
   c.to maintain an accurate and current ledger as to all association funds;
   d.to provide a full report of receipts and expenditures, deposit balances and financial condition at each meeting of the bod and each meeting of the membership, with the exception of special meetings;
   e.to perform other duties as assigned by the president;
   f.to file income tax returns.
   a.to review all financial matters of the gba
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   a.to take and preserve the minutes of all meetings and to record all votes;
   b.to maintain a complete list of all voting members;
   c.to handle all correspondence assigned by the president;
   d.to notify voting members of all meetings;
   e.to perform other duties as assigned by the president.
  5.8.6.commissioner of each league
   a.to serve as an arbitrator between the bod and team(s)
   b.manages their respective league;
   c.to adopt and enforce all decisions made by the bod;
   d.to preside over all meetings of their respective league;
   e.to maintain complete league records and provide the bod with information regarding the league;
   f.maintaining a satisfactory working relationship between teams and the association;
   g.to conduct a yearly draft for their league;
   h.to preside over the all-star draft meeting for their league;
   i.to conduct a yearly tournament for their age bracket, if possible;
   j.to perform other duties as assigned by the president.
   k.the commissioner cannot be over a division in which they have a child, relative or guardian they coach in that division.
  5.8.7.director of umpires
   a.to establish a workable program for procuring umpires for all league games;
   b.to perform other duties as assigned by the president.
  5.8.8.member at large
   a.to perform duties as prescribed by the bod;
   b.to perform other duties as assigned by the president.
   note: any number of members at large may be elected by a majority vote of the bod.
 5.9. the president may present, at each annual meeting, a full and clear statement of the business and condition of the corporation. books and records shall be audited once a year by an auditor appointed by the bod.
 5.10. any member can be a manager, coach, assistant coach or umpire.
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 6.1. elections will be held for bod offices, each year at the annual meeting held between the end of the regular season and september 1, of every year.
 6.2. the president's and treasurer's terms of offices are for two concurrent years with election for those offices to be held in odd numbered years (i.e.: 1,3,5,7,9). the vice president's and secretary's terms of offices are for two concurrent years with election for those offices to be held in even number years (i.e.: 2,4,6,8,0).
 6.3. the office of president should only be held for two consecutive, two year terms. the bod recommends that a president be elected from within the bod members, but it is not required.
 6.4. all elections will follow the following procedure (except in cases of special circumstance as dictated by the bod):
  a.open nominations
  b.close nominations
  c.vote by show of hands or ballot by voting members
  d.the person with the most votes is elected to office.
  e.in case of a tie, the president must vote to determine the election.
 6.5. a ballot vote may be conducted at the request of any bod voting member, but only with the approval of a majority of voting members consenting to a ballot vote.
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 7.1. the corporation shall indemnify any director, member, agent or player, or former director, member, agent or employee of the corporation or any other person who may have served at its request as a director, member, agent or employee of another corporation in which it owns shares or stock, or of which it is a creditor, against expenses actually and necessarily incurred by him/her and any amount paid in satisfaction of judgments in connection with any action, suit or proceedings, whether civil or criminal in nature, in which he is made a party by reason of being or having been such a director, member, or employee (whether or not a director, member, agent or employee at such time costs or expenses are incurred by or imposed upon him) except in relation to matters as to which he shall be liable for gross negligence or willful misconduct in the performance of duty. the corporation may also reimburse to any director, member, agent or employee, the reasonable costs of settlement or any such action, suit or proceedings it shall be found by majority of the committee of the directors not involved in the controversy, whether or not a quorum, that it was to the interests of the corporation that such settlement be made, and that such director, member, agent or employee was not guilty of gross negligence or willful misconduct. such rights of indemnification and reimbursement shall not be deemed exclusive of any other rights to which such director, member, agent or employee may be entitled by law or otherwise.
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 8.1. any gba member who is reported to the bod in writing for using profane language, acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, and/or under the influence of intoxicating beverages or illegal and/or controlled substances, or conduct unbecoming of a member any time or place in conjunction with gba function, shall be subject to disciplinary action by the bod. when any of the above mentioned acts are committed, that person must leave the entire ball park area immediately when asked by an official or umpire. refusal to leave the ball park shall result in immediate suspension from gba until review by the bod or a disciplinary commission.
 8.2. each member shall agree to abide by the decisions of the bod, and shall strive to maintain a good working relationship with its members to help provide a wholesome recreational program for players.
 8.3. members are responsible for seeing that his/her managers, coaches, players, players' parents and sponsors conduct themselves in such a way as to attain the objectives and purposes of this association.
 8.4. if a person is ejected from a game for any reason, he/she will leave the field area immediately. if the ejected person continues to disrupt the game and is asked to leave the ball park area, he/she must do so. failure to abide by this rule may constitute a forfeited game. a person ejected may be suspended for one (1) game with the suspension to be served during the game immediately following that game in which the ejection occurred. this suspension is subject to an appeal to be made in writing to the bod within 48 hours of the ejection. the bod will review the appeal and render a decision concerning suspension at its earliest possible meeting date. the decision of the board is final. in the event an appeal is filed and the suspension is upheld, the suspension will be served in the first game following the ruling of the board. a person ejected twice in one season, and whose suspensions are twice upheld, will be suspended from gba for the duration of the year. the bod will notify the affiliated manager/coach of the suspension.
 8.5. there shall be no profanity by players, managers, coaches or assistants at any time while engaging in activities of this program. also there are to be no abusive or derogatory comments or names directed to or about any player, coach, or umpire made by players, managers, coaches, assistants or fans. this rule is to be strictly enforced by managers, coaches, assistant coaches, umpires and bod members. penalty: immediate ejection from the game and field and possible suspension from the next game to be played.
 8.6. no unified razzing or screaming at any opposing team or players shall be allowed.
 8.7. any player, manager, coach or assistant coach who intentionally throws, kicks, or mistreats equipment may be ejected from the game.
 8.8. all article 8.0 conduct and discipline rules shall also apply to tournament and post-season participation of those affiliated with gba. these rules may be added to or extended upon by the league's organization under which it plays.
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 9.1.the organization shall consist of the following leagues:
  a.t-ball league; 6 & under (6u); (and 4yr. old by bod approval)
b. coach or machine pitch league; ages 7 & 8 (8u) note: coaches must meet and vote for one each year.
  c. player pitch leagues; ages 9 & 10 (10u); 11 & 12 (12u); 13 & 14 (12 - 14 only)
  d. 3-4u instructional league, if gba sees purpose for that year
  9.1.1.playing age is determined by the association under which gbba participates.
  9.1.2.players may play up one age division, except as directed by governing rules, or gba board approval.
 9.2. no team may use any player not listed by gba as a member of that team for regular season play. special consideration may be made for tournament play as approved by the commissioner of the tournament or the gba bod. any team found to be playing an ineligible player will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player participated.
 9.3. if a team has players that are running late, and having less than the required number of players present, a 15 minute grace period will be granted by the umpire before the game is considered a forfeit. the 15-minute grace period starts at the scheduled game time. a forfeit will be recorded as a 10-0 loss.
 9.4. all coaches should, or are recommended to practice or play a scheduled game at least 3 times per calendar week for the duration of the season, weather permitting. penalty for failure to do so is possible removal as a coach.
 9.5. scheduled practices can be held on wednesday and sunday, however, these days are not mandatory if a player has other interest on that day, i.e. church functions, etc., and may not be punished for missing practices on those days.
 9.6. all rain out games will be made up as soon as possible on the first available date, which will be determined by the commissioner of that league or the bod. all games will be played as scheduled; there will be no coach's agreement to change scheduled games without the consent of the commissioner of that league or the bod.
 9.7. no protest based on an umpire's judgment will be allowed.
 9.8. the home team is responsible for getting the field ready for play, which includes watering, raking and marking off the field and putting out the bases. the field should be completely ready for play 15 minutes before game time. the home team is also responsible for keeping the official score. the home team will also pick up and return the scoreboard controller on each field. the official scorebook and controller will be returned to the concession stand. the official scorebook will be ready to start the game 5 minutes before game time. immediately following the game, the pitching affidavit (if applicable) will be signed by a representative from both teams. failure to sign the pitching affidavit before the start of the next game may result in a forfeit of the game.
 9.9. a fair ball that hits the electrical wires in fair ball territory on the 10u or 12u league will be called a live ball.
 9.10. t-ball will be five innings and will not begin an inning after 1 hour 15 minutes. the 8u league will be 1â½ hours of play or 6 innings. the 10u league will be 1 â½ hours or 6 innings. the 12u league will be 1 1/2 hours or 6 innings. the 14u league will have a 1 3/4 hour time limit or 7 innings. for 10u - 14u, in the case of a tie, the game shall be extended no more than one extra inning, if after 1 extra inning of play the game is still tied. each team shall be awarded one half win and one half-loss, unless game being played is to determine a league champion, in which game shall be played until tie is broken.
 9.11. in the event a game is tied and extra time is needed to finish, then the following game time will be 15 minutes after the last out of the previous game.
 9.12. each division will follow the rules of the organization under which the league plays unless superseded by gba rules.
 9.13. any changes that conflict with organizational rules or gba rules will be reviewed by the board.
 9.14. t-ball (five inning games) and 8u (six inning games) will be allowed 7 runs per inning. a run rule schedule of 15 after 3, and 10 after four, and 8 after 5 will be applied. a game is complete at the end of required innings or less if shortened by run rule.
 9.15. 10u and 12u will have a run rule schedule of 18 after 2, 15 after 3 and ten after 4, 8 after 5. a complete game is 6 innings or less if shortened by run rule.
 9.16. 14u will have a run rule schedule of 15 after 3, 12 after four, and 10 after 5, 8 after 6. a complete game is 7 innings or less if shortened by run rule.
 9.17. managers will see that their dugouts are clean upon leaving and encourage their parents to pick up their family's trash. it is the manager's responsibility to speak with unruly parents or fans on their team and take control of the situation. failure to do this could result in a forfeit of the game. these conflicts will be handled in a professional manner. if a situation cannot be closed, then team managers will notify a board member and law enforcement will be notified at no penalty to the manager.
 9.18. coach pitchers and player pitchers will throw the ball from the designated footage for their age group. all pitches will be thrown with an overhand pitching motion. no underhand pitching will be allowed.(see dixie guidelines)
 9.19. if a pitching machine is used in league play, all rules in regards to use of the pitching machine will be followed.
 9.20. there will be no head first slides to any bases in the 6u, 8u, 10u or 12u leagues only. dive backs are allowed.
 9.21. once sign-ups and/or draft have been stopped, any addition of players or moving of players must be approved by the bod. all additions will be subject to the registration fee, the late sign up fee, and the late administrative fee (if applicable). no players may be added after the date as determined to be 7 days before postmark date for roster deadlines (exceptions tbd by bod).
 9.22. distribution of players will follow gba bylaws and guidelines. if not noted, the bod will resolve any issues that may arise as to distribution, fairness of distribution and equality of teams and players.
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 10.1. registration of players shall be held seasonally with the registration period and registration fees being determined by the bod prior to registration. the registration period shall be adequately advertised in advance.
 10.2. registration for spring season will be closed by a date to be specified by the bod each year. a late sign up fee of $25.00 may be imposed (per child) for late sign ups after the cutoff date. exceptions to the above policy may be considered by the bod. each case shall be reviewed by the bod and a decision made on the merits of the specific case.
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 11.1. an annual draft will be held for each league age group.
 11.2. each draft is to be conducted by the league commissioner with the secretary and at least one other bod member present for all drafting procedures.
 11.3. draft dates will be set by the bod each year.
 11.4. the only team representatives allowed at the draft meeting will be the head coach and a representative of his choosing. only the head coach (or person designated in his absence), will be allowed to make draft choices and speak during the drafting process.
 11.5.gba drafting policy:
  a. each team will be allowed to protect a maximum of 4 players in t-ball and 8u with written permission from that player's parent or guardian, but only before player selection has begun. in all other divisions, a maximum of 3 players with written permission of the parent or guardian prior to the draft may be protected.
  b. teams will draft in order of a draw system. protected players will be the first and second round picks, and returning players will follow them. teams will begin picking players from draft in the round that is one number greater than the total of the teams protected players (i.e.: 2 players on team before draft starts, team will begin picking in the third round). if teams are tied with same amount of players, then a drawing will determine the tie breaker. a serpentine order shall be used for drafting order (1-5, 5-1, reverse). any player that is not present at the skills evaluation portion of the draft (if this method is used) will be (placed on the next available team (according to drafting order) by means of a drawing after all other players have been picked. if no skills evaluation is used, all players are eligible at the same time, except for returning players. evaluation eligible players, who are not present at evaluation, cannot be drafted until all other players have been placed. these names will be drawn randomly following the draft procedure to complete a team. teams that reach the maximum number of players on their team (as determined by total number of players) will cease to participate in the drafting order, unless an uneven number of players must be placed on some teams to place all players (still following drafting order). each year, a team must re-protect players, and redraft as needed. no player should be placed to a team because of a convenience: i.e., "ride along", etc.
  c. if a player quits a team during a season but returns the following year to play, that player will go into the draft or may be protected.
  d. if siblings are playing in the same age division and a team acquires one of them, the other will be selected by the same team, at the discretion of the parent(s), as the last draft choice of the team.
  e. after draft, any player trades must be agreed upon by both coaches and both sets of parents prior to the change. this ruling will not apply after uniforms have been ordered and through league play.
  f. all named managers must freeze their son/relative/ or interested party as their first round draft pick.
 11.6. players drafted or frozen in the first year of divisional play, will return to the same team the consecutive year(s), unless parent/player chooses to go back to draft for the consecutive year(s) in that division, or if there is justifiable conflict with the coach or interest of gba. changes in this procedure are subject to bod approval.
 11.7. a pre draft meeting (coaches meeting) will be held each year before draft to inform coaches, and prospective coaches of information for the forthcoming year. a coaches clinic will be conducted each year, and at least one of the coaches from each team must attend if the manager cannot be present. clinic will be conducted before regular season play begins.
 11.8. the number of teams will be determined each year by the commissioner of each league and by the bod, based on the number of registered players. if there is a team with no coach to pick players in the draft, the commissioner, president, and/or vice-president will pick the team in the draft if they have no vested interest in that league. if a coach cannot be named one week after draft, the team will be disbursed to the remaining teams by way of a draw following the draft order for that league. (no team may have more than fifteen players under normal rules)
 11.9. expansion team drafts will be determined by the bod.
 11.10. any and all of the above drafting and procedure rules may be nullified by a majority of the bod in any one specific year or for one or more situations in one or more leagues, but only for that year, so as to promote the best system of equality in draft and player placement for team equality.
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 12.1. rulings are to be made following: the official dixie baseball rules, ranger rules, and the official mlb rules unless superseded and/or if not in conflict by gba rules and the ruling(s) of the gba board.
  a. all games are counted, except in divisional play.
  b. teams will play each other at least twice, unless special situations prevent, and follow dixie rules.
  c. league championship will be determined by tie breaking rules as determined by dixie, if necessary.
 12.2. tournament play shall be governed by that tournament's rules which shall be made available to all teams prior to the start of the tournament.
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 13.1. all-star selections will be completed by a date determined by the bod or a date before the required cut-off date each year as prescribed by the organization that gba plays under.
 13.2. all-star selection meetings for each league will be conducted by the commissioner, with the secretary and at least one other bod member present.
 13.3. all voting for all-stars will be conducted in writing, and will be maintained by the secretary for one year, for further review by the bod. all voting will be conducted using the same procedures and rules.
 13.4. the bod may at any time over-turn any all-star selection, but must be done with justifiable cause, and for the betterment of the all-star team. such vote by the bod must pass by two-thirds of the voting membership present at such vote, with a majority of voting bod members present to vote.
 13.5. all-star players may only be notified after the all-star selection process is completed and the bod had reviewed the all-star teams. if an all-star coach has been named, said coach will be notified when he/she may notify the players chosen; if no coach has been selected at that time, all-star players may be notified by their commissioner.
 13.6. all-star teams that have players choosing not to play must have the manager of said team to contact the commissioner of that league to fill the open spots. open spots will be filled from original balloting for all-stars.  arrangements or changes by coaches that affect the process will not be allowed.  again, this process is reviewable by the bod, and must be approved before the new player is notified.
 13.7. all-star coaches will be determined by the placement of the league team that they coached. the first place coach will be given the option to coach the all-star team in each league. the head coach may fill the remaining spots with any coach or assistant coach of his/her choosing, from their league, if the coach is a registered coach.
 13.8. the bod maintains the right to overturn any selection of all-star coach or assistant coach. such vote by the bod must pass by two-thirds of the voting membership present at such vote, with a majority of voting bod members present to vote.
 13.9.all-star selection process
  a. all coaches will vote for the first eight (8) players of each all-star team by a selection of eight (8) names, and all votes tabulated; then the all-star coach will have the choice of the remaining players. all selections are reviewable and any disputes are to be resolved by the bod.
  b. in each league the required all-star team will be filled first, and if possible, the age pure team will be filled at the discretion of the bod.
 13.9.1. all all-star coaches and players will participate if agreement to be on team is reached with gba. gba will strictly enforce penalties if coaches or players refuse to participate or drop out of playoffs without valid reason.
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 14.1. by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed at any meeting of the membership by the affirmative vote of a majority of voting members, provided notice of the proposed alteration, amendment or repeal be contained in the notice of the meeting or without notice if a special meeting is called.
 14.2. any contract or other transaction between the corporation and any of its directors (or any firm in which any of its directors is directly or indirectly interested) shall be valid for all purposes, notwithstanding the presence of such director at the meeting authorizing such contract or transaction, or his/her participation in such meeting. the foregoing shall, however, apply only if the interested director counted in determining whether a majority is present, but not in calculating the majority necessary to carry such vote. this section shall not be construed to invalidate any contract or transaction that would be valid in the absence of this section.
 14.3. the corporation shall keep correct and complete books and records of accounts and shall keep minutes of the meetings with its members and bod and shall keep, at its registered office or principal place of business, a record of its voting members.
 14.4. if any part of these by-laws shall be held invalid or inoperative for any reason, the remaining parts so far as possible and reasonable shall be valid and operative.
 14.5. no vending, other than that done by gba, or by those approved by the gba bod, will be allowed.
 14.6. use of gba fields during off season periods must be approved in writing by the gba bod.
 14.7. insurance will be paid by the league at the earliest possible date each year, so that practice may begin as soon as possible after draft. insurance is provided for all players meeting sign up and waiver requirements. this is a secondary insurance policy to primary or primary if no insurance coverage policy. refusal of parent/guardian to accept insurance by signing waivers and sign up forms, places liability on the parent/guardian, not gba. parent/guardian assumes all liability of incident and/or accident.
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 15.1. the manager(s) of equipment as assigned by the bod shall be responsible for checking out equipment to each coach and collecting the equipment from each coach at the conclusion of each season, if available.
 15.2. gba will furnish the equipment that it possesses to its coaches at request. gba has a limited supply of baseball equipment and once dispensed, assumes no liability to furnish that beyond the required equipment.
 15.3. gba will furnish to each fully paid player, a hat and shirt bearing the team name that said player is a member of. all players shall be in proper and complete team uniform to play, unless agreed to by both coaches and umpires of that game or by special circumstance. this is gba board reviewable per case.
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 16.1. a manager or head coach must be of age twenty-one at his/her appointment to that position (reviewable by bod).
 16.2. a coach that quits for any reason during the season will come to the bod. the bod will take each case into consideration on an individual basis to determine if, after considering all circumstances, that coach deserves to be suspended from coaching in the future or not and how long the suspension will last. the head coach must be at 80% of the activities including practices, games, etc.
 16.3. each team shall be allowed to have one head coach/ manager and two assistant coaches on the field or in the dugout at all games. t-ball and 8u divisions may have 3 assistant coaches.
 16.4. all umpires will be required to be certified each year as required by the rules. all gba umpires will follow the gba rules and guidelines of league play. all scheduling and rescheduling of umpires will be taken care of by the head uic. rain delays are at the determination of the uic on the field, field commissioner, or gba board. umpires cannot umpire games in a division in which they coach or manage a team, or they have a child, guardian, or near relative that plays in that division unless agreed upon by both coaches prior to the game beginning. a team that objects based upon the grounds above will not be penalized nor forfeit the game and it must be rescheduled.
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  the association - gilmer baseball association
  bod - board of directors
  gba - gilmer baseball association
 the corporation - gba
 the board - bod
 head coach - manager
 uic - umpire in charge

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